Orthotics for Ski


Towards our Ski Holiday we take care of professional equipment and warm clothing so we will enjoy the sport we have been waiting for all year. The last thing we want is to ruin the vacation because of injury or damage caused to us while skiing and to spend the rest of the Ski Holiday at the hotel.

One of the common reasons for Ski injuries are Ski Shoes that are not adapted to the feet and fixate the ankles. In such a situation, Skiers should constantly bend their knees while skiing, which create a great strain on them.  Moreover, making a turn during skiing creates enormous strain on the feet and ankles while bending one leg towards the other. The turning movement can cause muscle contraction - due to the strenuous work of the leg muscles; cold feet – after tightening the Ski Shoes to the shoes fixator; and instability in the legs.

Customized Orthotics help prevent injuries by supporting the foot to maintain a stable ankle and knee. The support, comfort and warmth that the Orthotics provide lead to improved skiing performance.  Skiing is different than other sport activities in terms of the surface as well as the physical demands. So Orthotics should be adapted to the activity and it is not recommended to use Orthotics that were adjusted to another activity.

So when you are getting ready for your Ski Holiday, do not forget to pack your customized Orthtoics, for a safer and more enjoyable vacation. 


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