Orthotics for Running
Running causes constant strain to the legs which particularly impacts the feet. While running, at times, both feet are off the ground, alternating between constant leaps and landings, which significantly affects them. While the cushioning in high-quality sports shoes does decrease some of the strain on the feet and joints, it often does not sufficiently absorb shocks. Thus it does not provide adequate foot support to prevent injury. Without the use of orthotics that are specially designed to fit the unique foot structure of the individual runner, repetitive strain to the foot could affect athletic achievements.

Tamir Kfir's uniquely fitted orthotics - designed specifically with sprinters in mind - are particularly lightweight and are compatible with spiked running shoes. They provide better balance and stability to the forefoot and prevent the foot's slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe, providing better leverage to leap and jump. The orthotics also protect against stress fractures and shin splints.

Tamir Kfir's Custom-Made Orthotics provide:

  • Performance enhancement through improved motion
  • Decrease of the body weight impact upon landing
  • Shock absorbance and vector reduction
  • Leaps leverage enhancement

The orthotics also treat different injuries:

  • Shin Splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • "Runners Knee"/ITBS
  • Morton's Neuroma

There are three different series: orthotics for training, for contests and for spiked shoes.



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Professional Runners with
Tamir Kfir's Orthotics :

  • Top runners in Israel's Marathon and Triathlon including Yosef Gazacho - Israel national record-setter
  • Thailand Runners Club
  • South Korea Runners Club
  • Mario Gertler of Austria