Orthotics for Cycling

 Cycling is different from other sports as the cyclist's feet do not touch the ground. Yet, to maximize pedaling strength they must be balanced and stable. Cycling does take its toll on the feet, as cyclists encounter certain typical problems: "hotfoot", numbing of the foot, or pinching of the foot inside the shoe significantly decrease the pleasure of the sport and may put the competitive cyclist at a disadvantage.


Tamir Kfir's orthotics are custom-made to fit the unique structure of the individual cyclist's foot and to cater to his specific needs. The orthotics help stabilize the foot by preventing its slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe. Thus, the rider's ability to maintain steady, strong pedaling throughout the ride is significantly enhanced. The orthotics prevent the numbing of the foot caused by strain to certain points in the foot, and help compensate for changing road conditions.


Tamir Kfir Custom-made Orthotics provide:

  • Significant enhancement of pedaling strength
  • Prevention of the foot's slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe
  • Knee stability
  • Significant knee pain relief
  • Stability and balance while standing
  • Prevention of the foot's numbing, hotfoot, and pinching
  • Protection against stress fractures





 tamirkfir cycling RollUp HE-1