Orthotics for Children

Taking care of your children’s feet at an early age is important. Children’s feet should be examined from age 3. As long as they are still growing and the bones are malleable, a child’s skeletal structure can still be easily adjusted, especially the feet, knees, pelvis and torso. A sophisticated laser test will reveal structural defects in the feet, scoliosis or Kyphosis.

The unique system for aligning the body with orthotics, developed by Tamir Kfir, can correct various problems:

  • Skeletal structure and curvature of the spine.
  • Flat feet. Correcting this problem with orthotics is very important for the body’s structural strength.
  • Growing pains. Tamir Kfir orthotics can help relieve adolescent growing pains, especially in the knees.
  • Children who walk on tiptoe, with their heels in the air. Special orthotics designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the child’s feet and alter the way he stands and walks, so that he walks normally, touching his heel to the ground.
  • Children who walk with their toes turning inward or outward. Specially designed orthotics can change the position of the foot during walking and the foot’s movement in the corrected position will align it so that the child’s feet continue to grow at the correct angle.





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