Orthotics for Baseball


Baseball has different requirements for each position – the pitcher needs to be stable, the baseline players need fast reactions with relatively small movements and the hitter requires a fast reaction to start running and the ability to slide correctly.

The frequency of direction changes and sudden stops cause considerable strain to the legs and may lead to injuries. While the cushioning in high-quality sports shoes does decrease some of the strain on players feet, it often does not sufficiently absorb shocks and provide adequate foot support to prevent injury. Without the use of orthotics that are specially adapted to the unique foot structure and position of the baseball player, repetitive strain to the foot could affect athletic performance.

Tamir Kfir's Custom-made orthotics not only absorb shocks but also helps stabilize and prevent the foot's slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe, providing significant leverage to leap and jump. Long-term use of Tamir Kfir's orthotics contributes to the prevention of accumulated injuries, helps maintain the stability and alignment of the knee and assists in the prevention of stress fractures and shin splints.

Tamir Kfir's Custom-made Orthotics for Baseball provides:

  • Significant posture-support
  • Direction–change support
  • Slide performance enhancement
  • Prevention of the foot's slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe
  • Support of sudden stops
  • Stress fractures and shin splints prevention
  • Knee stability maintenance
  • Prevention of ankle sprain