Back pain can arise from the legs and posture



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Back pain is something we all experience from time to time. Usually we seek the origin in the spine, but have you ever thought it might be from your legs?


Sometimes we tend to forget that our back is connected to the legs and we are like chain links. Think about what would happen if one link in the chain is not in place. The next link will be affected and ultimately creating increased load on each chain. The most common example is scoliosis - curvature of the back.

If pain is occur in the feet from the way we walk, we instinctively change our pattern. For example, In the case of arthritis, big toe joint pain will cause us to change the angle of the ankle. This change in the ankle angle changes the mechanics of the ankle joint. This eventually causes pain in the ankle. This change in gait pattern can also affect the lower body chain, ankle, knee, thigh, and then lower back and neck.


When foot pain or foot deformity makes you change the way you go, it changes the way the bones of all those other joints move with each other. It can weaken the cartilage in the joints, ligaments and tendons can be stretched beyond their normal range, and infection can occur.


Watch this video on posture problems:



Treatment with Orthotics


Custom made orthotics can shift the feet bones and if needed even balance the leg's height.
This is a way to bring tranquility to our body with treatment from the root – the way we stand, walk and our posture.


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