Who is Tamir Kfir?

Tamir Kfir is a leading Orthotist and Prosthetist with 20 years of experience in designing orthotics and orthopedic prosthesis. Tamir Kfir developed the Dynamic Motion ControlTM technique for designing orthotics for athletes and individuals involved in sports. 


Tamir Kfir’s uniqueness lies in his ability to identify each athlete’s individual needs and to tailor the orthotics that would specifically cater to them. Clients undergo comprehensive tests to analyze the unique structure of their feet, in addition to measuring their height and weight and studying their athletic involvement and personal physical characteristics. The custom-made orthotics that are produced based on the accumulated data are proven to alleviate pain, prevent injuries and enhance performance. 


His expertise as well as the outstanding quality of the Orthotics, have made Tamir Kfir a primary brand-name in the field. His clientele includes many internationally renowned athletes and teams in all fields of sports. 



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